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The company specializes in production of windows and doors from aluminum and metalplastic. Also we make facades.
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Amaranth oil (Amaranth oil)
In stock | Wholesale and retail
352.35 UAH(352.35 USD)
Wholesale: 261 UAH(261 USD)from 1000 kg.
Amaranth oil. Description  Amaranth oil is directly linked with the content of squalene in it. And it is right. Formally, this is the main active substance "is of great interest" (BME T.30, str.470, M-1963). In the reaction to squalene many factors (light, CO and so on. D.) It polymerizes,...
Group: Amaranth oil
Linseed oil (flaxseed oil), Organic Oils, 100 ml
In stock | Wholesale and retail
24.30 UAH(24.30 USD)
Wholesale: 18 UAH(18 USD)from 1000 pcs
Linseed oil. The advantage of oil from seeds of flax and its curative properties was known since ancient times. In Russia it was an irreplaceable food product - it was used with vegetables in a post, on the basis of it prepared festive dishes, added to rich pastries for aroma. In ancient...
Group: Flaxen oil
Sesame oil
In stock | Wholesale and retail
45.90 UAH(45.90 USD)
Wholesale: 34 UAH(34 USD)from 1000 pcs
Sesame oil is primenenyat and inside, both for massage, and for care of skin. Sesame oil - is extracted from sesame seeds (a grassy plant, up to 150 cm high, growing across all India and China). Sesame seeds since the most ancient times were used for receiving valuable oil. Sesame oil has...
Group: Oil of sesame
Oil sea-buckthorn (Sea-buckthorn oil)
In stock | Wholesale and retail
43.20 UAH(43.20 USD)
Wholesale: 32 UAH(32 USD)from 1000 pcs
Sea-buckthorn oil is the richest source of natural vitamins, and surpasses all fruits and berries, known in Ukraine, in the content of vitamin E. Long since it was applied as strong medicine, and also dietary supplement to food, and today it is recommended not only by experts of traditional...
Group: Oil cosmetic
Wheat germ oil
In stock | Wholesale and retail
65 UAH(65 USD)
Wholesale: 45 UAH(45 USD)from 1000 pcs
Oil of germs of wheat. Description Oil of germs of wheat on the maintenance of tokoferol (vitamin E) - the champion. Tocopherol is one of the most active means of stimulation of reproductive function of the person, provide health of heart, significantly reduce risk of formation of blood clots...
Group: Wheat oil
Oil of a dogrose (Rosehip oil)
In stock | Wholesale and retail
33.75 UAH(33.75 USD)
Wholesale: 25 UAH(25 USD)from 1000 pcs
This unique curative oil is made on the latest vitamino-keeping technology of hips, collected in the Carpathians. By production of oil of a dogrose the method of cold pressing does not apply oil processing by alkali and an extraction method, the hexane fraction is not used, no chemical additives...
Group: Oil cosmetic
Oil from seeds of a thistle (milk thistle oil)
In stock | Wholesale and retail
55.35 UAH(55.35 USD)
Wholesale: 41 UAH(41 USD)from 1000 pcs
Oil from seeds of a thistle is the oil of a phytogenesis produced from seeds of a thistle spotty. Oil possesses a pleasant smell and taste, has greenish color. Oil of a thistle is at the same time dietary valuable product and medicine which is capable to cure many diseases.Oil from seeds of a...
Group: Oil of milk thistle
Rosehip, Dried
In stock | Wholesale and retail
55 UAH(55 USD)
Wholesale: 45 UAHfrom 1000 kg.
Dried rosehips - a useful product for the health and treatment of many ailments. On its medicinal properties, and read as giving the legend. In Russia, first mentioned in chronicles dating back to XV century.   Rosehip - the fruit of many years of bush Pink family. Homeland plants considered...
Group: Dried berries
Grape seed oil
In stock | Wholesale and retail
43.20 UAH(43.20 USD)
Wholesale: 32 UAH(32 USD)from 1000 pcs
Oil of grape seeds. Description Grape seeds oil, other name grape oil, represents liquid of light yellow color with a subtle greenish shade. Greenish coloring it is obliged to the high content of a chlorophyll - the pigment possessing toning and also wound healing by properties., made by method...
Group: Oil of grape pits
Macadamia nut oil
In stock | Wholesale and retail
410 UAH(410 USD)
Wholesale: 355 UAH(355 USD)from 1000 pcs
Macadamia oil. Description  Macadamia - an evergreen, fast-growing tree of family Proteynykh. Till the 19th century, the tree and its fruits were known only to aboriginals of Australia, now, thanks to taste and food qualities of a nut of a macadamia, grow up a tree in many countries with...
Group: Oil cosmetic
Black cumin oil
In stock | Wholesale and retail
150 UAH(150 USD)
Wholesale: 130 UAH(130 USD)from 50 pcs
Black cumin oil   - highly effective means for lifting immunity. Black cumin (Nigella, kallindzhi, Nigella) is known as a folk remedy to get rid of ailments for more than 2,000 years. Black cumin oil is a set of essential elements for preserving the health of the body. Black cumin -...
Group: black caraway seeds Oil
Pumpkin oil (pumpkin seed oil)
In stock | Wholesale and retail
43.20 UAH(43.20 USD)
Wholesale: 32 UAH(32 USD)from 1000 pcs
Pumpkin oil is the unique natural accumulator biologically - active agents, contains the easily acquired proteins (proteins), lipidic components of cellular membranes, saturated and nonsaturated fatty acids (palmitic, stearin, olein, linoleic, linolenovy), vitamins: With, B1, B2, PP, F, carotinoids...
Group: Oil of pumkin


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